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Discount Offer
Elevator Shoes Discounts Offer
Buy More And Pay Less
At our store you don't need to wait diwali or croistmas to get special promotions. Here you can more buy and pay less. And this is a permanent promotion, so whenever you buy you get your discount. you can get discount according to the following outlines.

Elevator Shoes Offer

■ If you buy 1 pair of shoes in 1 order, no discount applies.

■ If you buy 2 pairs in 1 order, Then you get 10% discount on your total products price.

■ If you buy 3 pairs in 1 order, Then you get 12% discount on your total products price.

■ If you buy 4 pairs in 1 order, Then you get 14% discount on your total products price.

■ If you buy 5 pairs in 1 order, Then you get 15% discount on your total products price.

■ If you buy more than 5 pairs in 1 order, Then you get 1 Pair FREE (You need to pay only its shipping charge)

5 + 1 FREE
Buy more then 5 pairs of Elevator Shoes and get one free! This is a permanent promotion so sit back and relax and buy your future shoes whenever you want.

How Can Get These Elevator Shoes Discounts

After place the order more then 1 pair please send us a mail with title "Elevator Shoes Discount Applicable". As we received your this mail we check your order which you already placed. Then we send you a new discounted payment invoice accordingly as listed in upper paragraph. Please note: To get this discount you need to send us this mail its mandatory.

You can send us mail here click here

5 friends = 5 $USD discount
Tell about to 5 friends and get 5 $USD discount! Every friend that visits our website gives you 1 $USD discount upon your next order.

How do you get discount? We will save your discount in our system. Your discount will automatically be calculated once you make an order. You can save discount: if 10 friends visit our website, you get 10 $USD discount. But you can only get up to 5 $USD discount per order. You can use the remaining discount for future orders.

1. Does the discount code for a free pair apply to any model (5+1 FREE)?

Yes, once you order more then 5 pairs to get a free pair of Elevator Shoes, you can select any model that you like up to a maximum of 65 $USD.

2. I bought more then 5 pairs then how can get my FREE Pair (5+1 FREE). How Can Get?

Please send us a mail to get your free selected pair Product Name at :  Click here


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